Submitting a Proposal for Investigation of Fraud and Unfair Practices

Fraud is a serious problem affecting every company. DPOV, a.s., has therefore taken effective action to prevent financial and asset losses due to fraudulent or other unfair practices. DPOV, a.s., in no way tolerates fraud or other unfair practices; all detected cases will be properly investigated and bad actions will ultimately lead to consequences.

DPOV, a.s., employees and business partners, as well as the general public, have the opportunity to materially assist in the detection of fraud at DPOV, a.s., by reporting it to the anonymous e-mail address The anonymous e-mail address is managed by the Compliance team at DPOV, a.s., which guarantees full anonymity to whistleblowers. A whistleblower acknowledges that, in the case of an anonymous complaint, the result of an investigation cannot be communicated to him/her.