About company DPOV, a.s.

DPOV, a.s., a member of the ČD Group, is one of the largest repairers of railway rolling stock in the Czech Republic with a long tradition specialising in periodic repairs and modernisation in the segment of passenger cars, electric locomotives and units, railcars, motorised units and special traction vehicles, including the required changes and modifications specified by the customer for a repair.

DPOV, a.s., also repairs special vehicles for line management, carries out balancing and general repairs to locomotives, repairs to traction vehicles after violent damage, derailment and collisions. Repairs for foreign customers are performed including naturalisation, which is the complete adaptation of a vehicle for operation in the relevant country. 

ČD Group

As a subsidiary of České dráhy, a.s., DPOV, a.s., is a member of the České dráhy Group. DPOV, a.s., is subjected to uniform management by České dráhy, a.s., registered office: Prague 1, Nábřeží L. Svobody 1222, post code: 110 15, business ID number: 70994226, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section B, entry 8039. The sole shareholder owning České dráhy, a.s., is the Czech Republic.

Goals and vision

The basic task of DPOV, a.s., in the ČD Group is to provide periodic higher-level renewals of rolling stock, their modernisation, changes to approved states (reconstruction) and other types of routine maintenance. The ambition is to perform these activities more efficiently and cost-effectively, by reducing repair times and increasing operability through higher-quality work. 

The long-term goal of DPOV, a.s., is not only to stabilise its position on the domestic repair market by efficiently performing standard repairs, but also to continue developing its know-how. It is, in particular, interested in strengthening its technological, design and development base at all workplaces for the implementation of higher-level modernisation work. 


DPOV, a.s. as a subsidiary of České drah, a.s. was established on 1.1.2007. However, the history of the Přerov railway repair industry dates back to the early 1840s.


We offer our customers quality services with the aim of improving and developing the level of safety maintenance systems.